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About Freemasonry

No one truly knows where masonry originated.  Some believe that it originated with the workmen of King Solomon’s temple.  Others believe it began with the ancient cathedral builders in Europe.  Many other theories also exist.  The fact is no one truly knows because no records or other types of evidence truly give us the actual foundation of Freemasonry.

What we do know is at some point the need for actual stone masons (Also known as Operative Masons) began to weinand in order to keep their lodges going for generations to come these men began to initate nonn workmen, gentlemen of the aristocracy, into their lodges.  These men were known as “Speculative Masons.”

At some point the last of the original operative masons faded away making the whole of the Fraternity “Speculative Masons” as it  is today.  On June 24, 1717, several lodges that resided within the city of London, England at the Goose and Gridiron tavernand formed the first “Grand Lodge” and elected the world’s first “Grand Master”.  At this point modern Freemasonry was borb and over the next century, Freemasonry spread to the four conersof the globe.

Our Story

Ardmore lodge has been serving the community of Ardmore and all of southern Oklahoma for alnsota centurt and a half.  Even before there was a state of Oklahoma! Ardmore lodge officually came into existance  on Novemeber , 1889 while Oklahoma was still the Indian Territory.  Since that time many generations of men have belonged to our ldge.  Maybe even a relative of yours!

The men of our lodge serve the citizens of Southern Okahomain several ways, some of the ways include conducting vision screenngs for the school children of the and by providing  college scholarships to local high school students.




Next Steps…

If you are a man over the age of 18 years of age and want to find out more about what it means to be a Freemasons check out our membership page.

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